How To Buy a House with No Deposit

You don’t have savings! No problem! There are a numerous options to buy a house with no and low deposits. Most people think if you don’t have any savings there is no hope, but there are realistic options. Can I have a Deposit come From Anywhere? Most lending for low deposit home loans are based […]

Easy Home Loans for the Self Employed

When you work for yourself, it can sometimes be challenging to meet the lending criteria to get a standard home loan. The good news is there are specialist loans on the market which are specially designed for self employed people and offer more flexible lending criteria. Some banks have made it easier for the self […]

Get Into Your New Home Faster

Most people think that if you don’t have savings, the opportunity to buy a house is not possible. Did you know you can borrow up to 95% of the purchase price of your new home? There is light at the end of the tunnel – as long a you know how to prepare for your […]

Consolidating Debt can Save you Thousands

In 90% of cases Debt Consolidation will reduce monthly payments by up to 50%, lowering your monthly repayment, saving you thousands & enable you become debt free FASTER! Debt Consolidation does not have to affect your credit rating and can be quick, simple and painless. There are also options if your loan is in arrears […]

5 Tricks to Get Debt Free Faster

Do you want to own your own home faster, pay down your debts and become free of monthly repayments. Buying your own home is one of our great Australian Dreams and most tend to spend the next 30 years paying it off. Owning our own home should not be a dream, it should be a […]

Low Deposit Home Loans – All Your Questions Answered

What are No or Low Deposit Home Loans? No or Low Deposit Home Loans require a lower deposit to secure the home loan. Most lenders require you to pay lenders mortgage insurance (LMI). If a Limited Guarantee is available, then LMI can be eliminated potentially saving thousands. How can I borrow more than 100%? Yes, […]

What Are Genuine Savings?

Recently, Australian lenders have introduced a genuine savings policy for home loans, which is often confusing and frustrating. We hope to simplify this with this article. Genuine savings was implemented in response to the increasing number of first home buyers applying for mortgages with no deposit and no savings. Remember when 100% loans were available? […]

5 Essential Tips for Stress Free Debt Consolidation

So you have racked up a bunch of debt and are now paying inflated interest rates, which is eating up your cash flow! Sometimes it is hard to know how you landed in this situation and even harder to know how to find a workable way out. The most important point now is not how […]

Top 4 Home Loan Refinance Questions Answered

Your Top 4 Refinance Questions Answered! Will I Actually Reduce My Costs? The main reason people refinance is to lower their interest rate, however to assess if you are actually going to come out in front it is important to assess all factors; rate; product flexibility; longevity of the loan; costs and fees. For Example; […]