Refinancing allows you to alter and upgrade your mortgage to suit your changing needs, can improve on repayments, debt reduction and provide a more manageable structure overall. When considering refinancing it is important to look at the savings now and in the future, also determine the costs associated and do the sums. It’s important to consider the long term benefits against the actual costs of refinancing. Perhaps also ask yourself ‘does your current home loan match your needs’ IE, do you use all of your loan features, or are you missing some features you could really make use of?

The reason most people look to refinance is to get a better interest rate, pay off your home loan sooner, consolidate other debts into your home loan, or simply find a home loan with more flexibility and features. Whatever your situation, we’ll make the whole process so simple you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Some advantages of refinancing

  • Consolidate credit card, car and personal loan debt into lower rate home payment
  • Lower interest rate or more suitable lending product
  • Top up loan to invest in property, purchase a car, take a holiday, home improvements etc...
  • Change from variable rate to fixed rate, split the loan or perhaps implement an offset account
  • Change of title on an existing property / Relationship separation

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